Up to 6 month battery life
Pressurized, precision ink refill
Bluetooth Smart Connect to your mobile device
Carved in Aluminum and Steel
Mag Roller with replaceable ring

Choose your instrument. Pen. Pencil. Stylus.

We’ve created three versions of 01. We know some like ink, some graphite, and others pixel. Whatever your instrument, 01 is ready to roll.

Mobile app

Unit Selection

Dynamically convert metric to imperial or imperial to metric.


Dimension drawings or maps in any scale.

Blink Interval

Set up grids, hang things equally apart or gauge rough dimensions without your phone.

It has your name on it.

Like a great chef’s knife, a dimensioning instrument is highly personal. Wether it is a treat for you, or a thoughtful gift, each 01 can be personalized with a signature.

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